"Not enough people know about military aviation but instead send downvotes when it is ever mentioned (that’s why there is negative karma) . Upset and angry, these people they don’t know my relationships."
―Warriorman angering people by doing anything wrong
Warrior Man


Vital statistics
Position Pundit & Shitposter
Age 16
Status Rejecting every girl that comes to him
Physical attributes
Height Not a Manlet
Weight Hunk


Warriorman, also known as Eurofighter Typhoon, is the biggest alpha male in the pack of KYM. He is an Air Force officer, getting his plane credentials at age 12. He is best known for being wrong about everything.


Born into a family of sexy ferocious savage plane dirvers, Warrior Man's future became clear at a very young age. By 8, he had rejected every girl in the school, and 5 in the nearby private school.  

He loves PewDiePie, And will defend him any chance he gets . He will also defend his right to shitpost, because it's actually in the US constitution. 

He voted for UKIP because he is secretly a Nazi intelligent and knows what is best for his homeland.

Fun facts

  • Downvotes can trigger his PTSD.
  • Rumours say that he has a room full of fedoras.
  • He prides himself on rejecting girls who show interest in him. He considers women in general as sluts and whores.
  • Thinks there is objective morality, and that Islam is a great example of it.
  • Hates transexuals with a burning passion, although secretly he wants a woman with a dick for his girlfriend.

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