"Sorry I don't use the chat very often, I'm too busy doing charity for the poor."
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Vital statistics
Position IRC user only
Age Unknown
Status Active?
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Wao is possibly the best person to ever visit KnowYourMeme. He spends his time residing in the KnowYourMeme IRC, encouraging users to accept nature, while giving them tips on how to make our world a better place. Luckily, he has avoided making a KnowYourMeme account due to him realizing how horrible the site actually is.

Achivements Edit

  • He donated his kidney to charity in order to save a dying orphan.
  • He works 16 hours a day in order to end world hunger.
  • He protests in order to protect the rights of the little people.
  • It's not confirmed yet, but there are rumors that wao is actually god.

The death of Wao Edit

It was an ordinary day in the IRC, with fags posting ironic memes, and precarious links to tumblr being shared. However, newly modded jerkface, Particle Mare, had decided to do something real vicious. And so, she decided to kick Wao, much to the dismay of the IRC. This kick made Wao rethink his choices in life, and instead decided to leave his hobby of memes (a sidejob, compared to the work he does in Africa), and instead work on his film career. You can see him in such hit films like "Saving Private Ryan", "Good Will Hunting", "The Bourne Identity", and more.