His hawt pokemon avatar pic
Vital statistics
Position Sr. Forum Mod & Pokémon Expert
Age 13
Status Being a white knight (how ironic)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Verbose (AKA RoboCop) was a KYM Contributor born in the backwater wilderness of Kenya. After receiving his free trial of Rosetta Stone and learning every world in the English dictionary, he signed up for KnowYourMeme, where he became a forum moderator and was introduced to the tribal worship of Friendship is Magic.


He takes everything far too seriously. If anyone lollygags in his sight, they will be reprimanded in a fierce, abrasive, manner. He despises humor and when he attempts to enjoy it, it comes out as awkward and completely cringe-worthy. He used to enjoy humor, but thanks to his moderator status, he lost it to make sure he could enforce the law. In other words, he's a brony mod.


On August 16th, 2014. Verbose deactivated his account. There was shock at first but then there was much rejoicing. It's unknown who will replace him. Hopefully no one.

Rebirth Edit

He came back to the site at some point as Josie, to the KYM community's dismay when they found out.

Resurrection Edit

After growing tired of being Josie, Verbose had his account reactivated and regained all of his super forum powers, again to the community's dismay.

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