Twisty's horrible avatar of the worst Homestuck character in existence.
Vital statistics
Position Entry Moderator
Age 18
Status KIA, Undead
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???

About Edit

Twisty is a Kanye West worshipper and second-tier troll on Know Your Meme. He can usually be found in the IRC or Riff-Raff, following the lead of better trolls like Lil B or Captain Blubber.

He is KYM's top musicfag and can often be found on the IRC jacking off with le_noob_haxor about some new shitty rap song that just consists of the word nigga.

Achievements and Contributions Edit

On March 5, 2015, Twisty's dicksucking finally paid off. After three long years of begging and being useless, Twisty finally gained modship.

On October 2, 2015, Twisty deadpooled one of Particle Mare's entries, which le triggered her into giving him a warning. Twisty got butthurt and deactivated. Unfortunately, he had the gonads to reactivate.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Just like nearly every Particlefag, Twisty is a devout follower of Particle Mare, regularly posting on her wall and generally sucking her dick for modship. Unfortunately, his plan worked and he was modded.
  • He used to be well known for his fetish of shark tits, as most of his avatars were cropped images of shark-girl porn. However he has recently forsaken this persona when he became gay after reading the webcomic Homosuck.
  • His profile is full of shitty rap music that nobody cares about and a link to a pretentious hipster garbage Spotify knockoff that he used, despite nobody caring.
  • Stopped being useful after he deactivated and came back