Twenty-One is an extremely gay 16-year old moderator on KnowYourMeme. He spends nearly all of his time being a shitty weeaboo (much like the rest of the IRC)


One of Twenty-One's many gay anime avatars.

When he isn't indulging himself in this virtual cancer, he can be found writing KYM entries about his favorite anime shows. Thanks to the hundreds of subculture anime entries he wrote, the admins were pitied into giving him the title of "Anime Anthropologist", a title synonymous to "Subhuman Weeaboo Garbage".

You can usually find Twenty-One in the KnowYourMeme IRC, linking gay weeaboo porn of "shotas" (animated 12-year olds that he gets off to), and constantly spewing out the lyrics of horrible songs that he somehow finds decent.


In early January of 2015, Twenty-One deactivated his KYM account due to him finally realizing how shitty the site truly is. His last post was in the KYM Anime General; one final example of his support for terminal brain cancer.

Return Edit

Like the fag weeaboo he is, Twenty-One returns. He simply couldn't leave his position as a database mod on a meme site because being a database moderator is the only power he will ever experience in his life, kinda like all of the mods.

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