Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 15?
Status Doing godawful fanfictions
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

About Edit

Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire is one of the resident planefuckers on KYM and could possibly the only semi-tolerable one on the entire website if it wasn't for the fact that he is a dumb Slav. His interest putting his dick in some sweet plane engine is not his only one. He is also one of the thousands of weaboos on the site, primarily showing an interest in some shitty anime called Kill la Kill (sometimes known as Kek le Kek) known for its poor character design and animation quality (a trait it shares with all anime). His waifus are anything in Kek le Kek that has a girlish figure, which is 90% of the characters in the show. Tupolev resides in Slovenia, some crappy poor European country where feces and urine fill the streets. Because of this he can be easily told apart from the others in the KYM podcast from his strange accent which can be described to be similar to the noise you would hear if you burned 40 elephants simultaneously.

Latelly, he's been reported to be making a fanfiction, where he shows his totally straight love for hypermuscular characters like Captain Falcon.

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