Pictured: Unadulterated cringy weebiness
Vital statistics
Position Nerd
Age 16
Status RPing with Marth
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Trollanort is a 15 year old black nerd kid and KYM's Chaos God of Cringe and Explosions. In the IRC he frequently explodes and shouts "DARKNESS!". He likes to act black although he is as white as a frothy mixture of cocaine, vanilla milkshake, semen and Lindsay Lohan. This is most likely because he wishes to be darkness itself.

He occasionally frequents the Plug.DJ, where he (and no-one else) enjoys playing plebeian music, such as OSTs (because if music isn't associated with video games, it sucks). He also loves a select number of video games, including Nintendo and Sephiroth.

Place of Residence Edit

Trollanort currently resides in Pennsylvania, ironically one of the least edgy states, where he spends his time fantasizing about anime tiddies and dark (presumably edgy) things.

Other Names Edit

  • Plebnort
  • Yamchanort


  • He is easily triggered (yet secretly aroused) by sorceror girls, as the result of a horrible childhood incident involving an awkward boner and fictional magic tits.
  • His favorite Pokemon, God and waifu is Rayquaza, once again displaying his horrible taste.