Not to be confused with TripleA

Triple Zed
"Hey Senpai, you want some Weed?"
Vital statistics
Position Sr. Entry Moderator
Age  ???
Status Simultaneously suspending users and smoking weed.
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???


Triple Zed is a condescending entry moderator and KYM's resident stoner who's too afraid to actually smoke weed. Instead of doing what he is meant to do, he uses his user powers to even more pathetic use use by suspending bad posters on Riff Raff.

Place of residence Edit

Triple Zed resides peacefully in Spain.

Achievements and Contributions Edit

Zed makes up of his lack of alpha-ness IRL by acting as Riff-Raff's "alpha" suspension mod/tyrant. It is rumored that he surpasses RandomMan's and Blubber's given suspensions combined. However, this makes him even more of a loser.

One of his most common victims is Jungle Yiffer.

His most notable achivement, however is making the Olympic team for border jumping.

Other Names/Nicknames Edit

  • ZZZ
  • TripleZ
  • Zeddy

Fun Facts Edit

  • IRL, he has a day job as a mafioso (which means that he dresses in a fedora and trenchcoat goes out with his "Maverick" nerf gun each day).