"Captain_Blubber est un sac de douche"
―Tomberry being a sexy frenchman to Captain_Blubber


Moi sur Internet
"Who the fuck is this guy anyways?" - Every KYM user ever

Tomberry is the Database Moderator, Master French Specialist and Pony Hater of the Know Your Meme community. He is often posting something about the French culture in his totally sexy native tongue of french.

In the forums, he is often post with his cultured spirit. Everyone faints at the sight of his high quality posts of cultural diversity and honesty. He posts on Riff-Raff on some occasions, often seen posting with Captain Blubber and taking about that shitty European country where they eat baguettes.

His edits often contain the air of his cultural experience. Often citing his edits from high quality sources. The users draw breath each time an he edits an entry, an entry filled with his genius and wisdom. When he's finished, the users praised him with bounty from the country of love. A country that will always be seen on Tomberry's presence.