One of the German Lolis Till masturbates over
Vital statistics
Position Nobody
Age 18 (14 mentally)
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?

About Edit

TillsterRulz is the definition of forgettable. The only notable things about Till is that he is a weaboo tankfucker, which we can safely assume is the result of this mentally unstable tween watching too much of some shitty anime about German Lolis in crappy tanks. Secretly he is also a furfag who faps to pics of Lucario whenever he can get a moment to himself.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Till is the first (and hopefully only) tankfucker on KYM.
    • They would be on /k/ but their mum has a child safety program that blocks adult websites and KYM bypasses it (probably because its full of other weird 13 year old children).
  • Was forced to get the 999,999 image get by Peacock Roy, posting an image of a stupid fairy from the Touhou series, a weeb video game.
  • Rumor has it that he is also a pokefucker, which only confirms that he has the worst possible taste.