This Cheeto
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This Cheeto is considered to be unfunny by most people, though do to the circle jerking nature of the forums, rose to popularity immediatley with the mindset of "Hey! We finally did something, guys!" After the schism that split CAMOAWAM into independent, also unfunny bodies, the cheeto sector has had the most success in being retarded. Masterminding the approval and confirmation of memes beneficial to the spread of cheetoism. (Do I even need to edit this? What the fuck.) According to cheetoist texts decoded from ancient CCTV encrypted images found hidden in CAMOAWAM's image source (obtainable through repeated and meticulous image modification) it is apparent that the cheeto is in fact, the worst joke in all of history. Cheeto existed after the Holocaust, though some scholars believe it went back in time to create it.

Although the cheeto may seem to be an obscure in-joke, you may be shocked to hear you're right. Unfunny as it may be, people have decided to create equally terrible macros based upon it. Although the cheeto is rarely seen anywhere else, one can not doubt if anyone saw it, they may kill themselves on the spot.