"nigger extraordinaire / a black ass with flair / pants with a tear / thick anus hair"
―Unknown Author regarding Taryn
Vital statistics
Position Wannabe mod
Age Apparently 13
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?


Memetic as fuck.

Taryn is an old, bitter fuck who has watched everyone around him on the website surpass him in every way possible for the better part of five years. If you talk to Taryn, he will most likely be complaining about something on Know Your Meme, proving that he has yet to let go of his half-a-decade long aggression. Taryn recently gave up sexting all of the users on the IRC in exchange for a new favorite pass time: Hopping on Captain Blubber's dick.

He currently resides in some shitty town in Arkansas, boasting a population with 98.87% white people (how racist). When asked how he felt about the small population of black people in his area, he responded, "good".

Trivia Edit

  • He is a pizza expert. 
  • Got memed on. 
  • Likes to start shit with people. 

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