"oh god that sounded wronger than i thought it would"
―Foxy on pretty much everything he says
Spirit Coyote
Cropped furry porn avatar
Vital statistics
Position Doggy
Age 16 (In robot fox years)
Status Ungodly Yiffing Machine who should've been banned
Physical attributes
Height Manlet
Weight Fat

About Edit

Spirit Coyote is the IRC's egotistical fuckboy and Five Nights at Freddy's furry trash. Once he is turned on there is no stopping the yiffening (spam of disgusting furry pornography and "yiff").

Place of Residence Edit

Scarfolk lives in the Outbacks of Australia, going every now and then to yiff the local fauna. Or at least he wishes to.

Achievements and Contributions Edit

Scarfolk was the living incarnate that is the FNAF gallery, every so often he will go on an uploading spree that will make your dashboard redder than the Soviet Union with the amount of yiff that is somehow allowed on the site. Foxy had also managed to clone himself into multiple alter egos that willingly do his bidding so he can hide his true power levels from us.

Personality Edit

Scarfolk had an extremely large ego, rivaling that of RandomMan. He also likes to piss off the mods by leaving his images untagged/lazily tagging and doing jack shit about sourcing.

He will also take offense to any cheeky banter directed towards him. As Australia's only edgy teenager, he gives absolutely no hecks about preparing for the future and posts the IRC instead of paying attention in class.

The Suspending of Epyc_Wyn Edit

On March 3rd, 2016, Chris somehow thought that it would be funny to give Spirit Coyote his account to fuck around with. This resulted in Spirit Coyote suspending Epyc_Wyn for 24 hours (which in return Epyc_Wyn got salty as fuck). The aftermath was Chris receiving a complete demod (in which he later deactivated) and Spirit Coyote getting rewarded with a 2 week suspension.

Other Names/Nicknames Edit

  • Foxy-Corsica (former IRC nick)
  • Rukario Mcfly
  • Rukario
  • Foxy The Pirate Fox
  • Scarfolk (former KYM name and IRC nick)
  • Tiramisu (under a new account and current IRC nick)

Fun Facts Edit

  • He (wishes to be) is a pimp for both ParticleMare and Sam.
  • In the IRC moments thread (a thread to post "funny" screencaps of messages from the KYM IRC), all his posts there are about himself, further cementing his position as an egolord.
  • He managed to ruin the #1,000,000 image GET by posting a shitty MS Paint FNAF picture he found on Tumblr.
  • Suspended Epyc_Wyn for the lulz when Chris gave Spirit Coyote access to his account.
  • Deactivated and created a new account under the name of "Tiramisu" and blessed KYM by dumping his furry folder onto the site into the Furry gallery. Mostly gay stuff making the gallery even more gayer than before.