William Braddock (Earth-833) 002

Probably what he looks like IRL, or at least how he wishes he looked.

Spider-Byte is a dangerously zealous Brit-fag who likes to constantly remind the world why Britain still rules the world. Don't agree with him? Don't bother arguing because as many have learned Spider-Byte is correct all the time, at least that's how he sees it. If you like something he doesn't you will know quickly and then be allowed to reconsider your point of view. Also a fan of comics of any kind and cries whenever he can't find any other comic-fags to fuck so he has to masturbate over them in the corner and probably cry himself to sleep. He can be found making jokes about comics no one understands other than himself and Sir-Soundwave at times. He will be very glad to explain them to you however.

Passive-aggressively edits the wiki pages of other users when they don't format his pages correctly.