"I think we were a puddle of shit community due to our behavior down at the IRC. All of you need to stop licking that sweaty ass of your role model 4chan and get back to being humans instead of non-sentient dumbasses who have to become the rudest cockswallowing walnut-dicked chicken shit excuse for a community filled with pride and dignity for their own website."
Slime 'Cap



Slime, thinking /v/ gives a shit about him.

Slime 'Cap is a six year old kid who found KYM while he was jacking off to his Spore creation (A slimy dick). He is new to the site but is well known because of the fact he doesn't even pretend to be older then eleven. His feats include pissing off everyone with his childish babble no one gives a shit about, and sucking off Shadow no matter how much he pushes him away.


Slime comes from a loving family.


Slime 'Cap loves nothing more than to say stupid things that everyone bombs him with negative karma for. Unfortunately, he holds karma dear to his heart, and gets anally devastated when he gets negatives, causing him to whine about it and receive even more.

He has been banned because he was so cringey even the shit-eating mongoloids at KYM had enough of his putrid existence. It is suspected he may still lurk as he found a video a member from KYM published, as well as posting on /don/ when it first started (before he got banned with an end time of 3 years).

Fun Facts Edit

  • He gets pissed if you don't give him positive karma.
  • He is in a sexual relationship with that Shadowguy, referring to him as "Big Boss" when aroused.
  • He wishes to "make" "sprites" for the KYM "Pokemon hack", but his lover Shadowguy denied him for fear that his love would get in the way of the game.