Sir-I-can't-settle-on-a-name (aka Sir-Soundwave)
He has no mouth, yet he can't shut up
Vital statistics
Position Media Moderator
Age  ???
Status Playing with his Transformer toys in his room
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???


Sir-Soundwave (will often have some stupid prefix or suffix that changes every 5 minutes) is most likely the biggest robot fucker there is on KYM and possibly the entire internet.

It is suspected that one part of his brain is constantly thinking about how he could work Transformers into every single thread and comment section (which he usually does with some stupid semi-relevant GIF) and the other half is probably having sexual relations with female robots.


When he isn't uploading fembots and rarely tagging images, he can be found thinking up more alternative names.

After generally spamming the Transformers gallery with TFwiki image caption screencaps and Tumblr Fanart, he became modded on the 27th of September. The mod team was so lazy and needed someone to fill in their work, thus Soundwave was among that was chosen.

However, Soundwave became just as useless and lazy.

(Lengthy) List of Names Edit

  • Overlord
  • Waifu
  • Cortana
  • Cortana the real girl
  • Soundwave
  • Disk Jockey
  • Chromia
  • Soundblaster
  • Sir-S0undwave
  • Numerous other names, unfortunately

Fun facts Edit

  • He is primarily a Transformers fan, in particular Transformers: Shattered Glass (Although it is proven that he has barley even read the series at all) and dearly loves Transformers: Kiss Players (read every single issue).
  • He named his account because of the Shattered Glass Universe character Soundwave who is a annoying hipster (something he and the user share in common) unlike any other version of Soundwave.
  • Soundwave will sometimes find out something he likes other than Transformers and will fixate on it for about a week until he switches to something else pointless and stupid (most likely something robot related like the robo-fucker he is).
  • If each name change fed a hungry child, all the starving children in Africa would be as fat as Americans
  • He is a fan of ADHD Deadpool and not the real thing shown by his idiotic ossession of uploading Deadpool cosplay GIFs (even though he doesn't even read the good Deadpool stuff).
  • He was promoted to a Media Moderator (despite being useless) on the and is now known as the site's resident alpha-robofucker.