She would probably changed her AV by the time I'm done uploading this
Vital statistics
Position Tranny Slut
Age 16
Status Sucking dick
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?


Sam, also known as SluttySam, SexySam, and about a million other names depending on how much of a shameless whore she feels like at the time, is KnowYourMeme's leading shapeshifter. She has taken on so many nicknames, avatars, and alter egos that nobody knows or cares who she is anymore.

Achievements and Contributions Edit

Ironically, despite her professed sluttiness, her proficiency as a maker of virtual badges means that she must be a virgin.

Apparently, she encourages uploaders to properly tag their images despite not tagging a lot herself.

List of Names/Nicknames Edit

  • SluttySam (IRC nick)
  • LesbeenSam (IRC nick)
  • LeLana (IRC nick)
  • Science Spider
  • Science Wasp
  • Witch King
  • Sam the Karma Empress
  • Succubus Sam (Current)

Fun Facts Edit

  • She is also a fan of The Amazing Atheist. It shows.
  • Sucks at formatting.
  • No matter what video game it is, Sam sucks at it.
  • Sam is not her real name.
    • Her name actually comes from Sam-I-Am, the protagonist of "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss. Both have two eggs and a large piece of meat, and they go around harassing people to stick the eggs and meat in their mouths.
  • Sam is supposedly the owner of a penis, and gets ladyboners frequently.
    • This makes her extremely popular with the men of the KYM forums and IRC, who have daydreams of being able to slobber a hot throbbing cock in a totally no homo kind of way.

Links Edit

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