"Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon" - René Descartes
Vital statistics
Position Shitposter Supreme and Massive Faggot
Age 8 or 9
Status Shitposting and memeing right now
Physical attributes
Height manlet
Weight morbidly obese

Deadpool after seeing Roarshack IRL

About Edit

Roarshack (Shitposter Supreme) is a huge small guy and a bully. He toddles about the IRC because he has no irl friends. He has no friends mainly because he is only able to speak in baneposting and in bad meme jokes.

Roarshack went to Meme State, which is known for being one of the worst meme colleges in the country, with a MPA (meme point average) of 2.0.

He has terrible taste in both music and comic books. He listens to Radiohead (>he thinks fake plastic trees is the best radiohead song).

Along with all of the above, Roarshack is also a huge bully who hates everyone, but since he has no friends, he is forced to resort to post ironic burns which he got straight out of the 1980's.

Achievements Edit

He listened to Radio Head at 4 in the morning

Fun Facts Edit

never compromise not even in the face of armageddon

  • Named his username after the comic book character Rorshach from Watchmen despite he has never read it
  • Rampant homosexual :^)
  • He has shitty taste in music

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