Vital statistics
Position Sr. Forum
Age Presumably 15
Status Teen Angst
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

About Edit

Rivers is the newest in a line of self-entitled, arrogant, faux intellectual, cocky, and unfunny moderators that spends "its" time condescendingly watching over the IRC with an eagles eye, making sure no troublemakers enter the premises. "It" often spends it's time doing its favorite hobbies: sucking HolyCrapItsBob's dick, and deleting naughty images from the site so they don't blind the pre-pubescent audience the site is trying to project to.

Personality Edit

Rivers is very smug, and will often use any chance "it" gets to flex "its" moderator powers. If threatened, Rivers will often spaz out in an attempt to save "its" egomania.