"Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong."
RandomMan talking about himself
RandomMan giving his best Jetstream Sam impression.
Vital statistics
Position Database Mod & Lame Tier Swag
Age 39
Status Getting dicksucked by the newest memeber of KYM
Physical attributes
Height 4 meters
Weight 300 pounds... of pure muscle


RandomMan (a.k.a. The Flying Dutchman) is a Database Moderator, a brony, an attention whore, and the winner of the "Most Sucked Dick" award in 2013. He is the alt account of Epyc Wynn. He can be told apart from most KYM users by his avatar of that rabbit from a horse anime show in a militaristic uniform.


Having joined the site in the late 90's, he quickly raised among the ranks of other users and became a mod in 2011. Is rumored that foul play was involved. Since he was the first brony mod on the site, it is publicly accepted that he's the main reason why the site became the horsefucker shithole it is today.

After building up a harem of followers to stroke his ego, RandomMan founded a secret brony circlejerk named "Skulls & Bronies". By using his influence, he was able to grant mod powers to the members of the group, thus tightening the brony stranglehold on the site. Other users, in futile efforts to eventually become mods themselves, began giving him free blowjobs and had made an extraordinary amount of shitty fan-art, and equally cringeworthy cosplays.

RandomMan's KnowYourMeme profile is also constantly flooded by autistic newfags, who spam his comment section in the hopes that he will become their "friend". Despite the fact that RandomMan seeks the destruction of the mentally disabled, he still enjoys getting his dick sucked by his legion of adoring, autistic fans on Know Your Meme.

Fun FactsEdit

  • His ego is bigger than yo momma.
  • Despite popular assumptions, it was actually RandomMan who caused 9/11.
  • RandomMan's dick has a unique gravitational field that attracts egotistical douchebags. RandomMan uses this to seek out potential new mods for KYM; when he walks down the street, anyone who becomes glued to his dick gets modded. This ensures that all KYM mods are either assholes like Bob, flaming homosexuals like BSOD, or people who are al of the above like Captain Blubber.
  • He is engaged and has a fianceé, yet he has the need to pick up to anything that identifies itself as woman.