"All humans are shit,I am the only good human of all time.All humans are shit,miserable shitty beings,I fucking hate everyone.Fuck my parents,fuck my slutty girlfriend,fuck gamergate,fuck feminism,fuck jews,fuck whites,fuck women,fuck men,fuck transgenders,fuck gays,fuck religion,fuck god,fuck satan,fuck the president,fuck memes,fuck don,fuck linkin park,fuck marilyn manson,fuck all of my bands,fuck you,fuck everyone.Everybody sucks.Fuck all of you.""
―Jungle Yiffer, showing off how "edgy" and "cool" she is (Note: this was found in Riff-Raff)[[src]]
Jungle Yiffer
Vital statistics
Position Edgy Faggot
Age 12
Status (Badly) Shitposting
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???

About Edit

Jungle Yiffer (now known as Princess of the Night) is one of the most annoying users in Riff-Raff who happens to be a bisexual autistic transexual-furry from Estonia. Her relentless stalking of female users on the site got so out of hand and creepy that she got a warning from the moderators for being the thirsty fuck she is.

She lives in permanent fear of suspensions. Sadly, the mods are too lazy to even bother.

Update: McChairface has finally taken it in the ass by one of her autistic /r/metaljerk friends (Celtic_False). She no longer stalks people because of this development, but time will only tell what she is truly capable of.

History Edit

He used to be a user of the Hidden Block Forums, where she got negative karma by insulting a fat reviewer. This was a terrible event for Yiffer, and she decided to change the way she lives, by becoming even more "edgy" and "hardcore" than before and started listening to obscure Heavy Metal bands.

Leaving the forums for a few months, Yiffer trained for a whopping 20 minutes each day by reciting vulgar phrases and cutting cardboard downvotes with his $50 katana.

He returned only to see it deactivate and die. Needing a new place to bring his accursed personality, she immediately headed for KYM

Achievements and Contributions Edit

She wastes her time listening to shitty metal bands nobody knows. She can often be found making shity threads on Riff Raff, which she is frighteningly good at.

Other than that, she often rips off Vinesauce jokes and will stalk any female, be it lesbian bi, or with any user with vagina on the site, as well as making analysis videos with crappy editing and cringeworthy audio which sounds like she is sucking on the microphone. When she releases a new video, she promptly posts it in the IRC to get about 2 views. She seems to have recently gave up on this feat, or she had just noticed that no one in the IRC cared enough about his videos to give her more than 2 views and (mabye if he's lucky enough) one upvote.

If you see her the IRC, you can bet that she will be rambling about his love for ISIS, which, despite the similar title and his general attitude, is not the terrorist organization in the Middle East. It is instead some shitty obscure band that Yiffer might have been paid to promote.

She also will go on this wiki and link his shitty edits or articles in the IRC. You'd think that with the amount of people who rail on her for being such an awful, edgy, stupid and annoying child that'd she be better at insulting others.

Other Names/Nicknames Edit

Yiffer is known for changing her name every time she does something embarrassing, which happens far too often. Please note that this list is prone to being updated ever so often.

Previous names are:

  • Põhjasanity
  • Northsanity
  • Jungle Yiffer
  • Põhjasanity
  • Funpost Overdrive
  • Jhuespion
  • Whit3
  • Meme Eater
  • Xenoblade Rocks
  • Slipknot555 Fan666
  • Jane Doe
  • Wimp Slayer
  • XJ-9 is my robowaifu
  • XJ-9 is best metal girl
  • Chairy McChairface

Current name:

  • Princess Of The Night

IRC / Discord nick:

  • Sanityeyes (knowing her, it may change)

Yiffer's personal harem/stalking list Edit

If you are part from Yiffer's Harem, you will receive a daily "MARRY ME" comment on your wall accompanied with a Vocaroo about Yiffer singing for you an edgy song by ISIS, Atila or Drowning Pool and request to have sex and 10 sons.

Trivia Edit

  • Has autism.
  • Called Arcanine "worst mod" on his birthday. While this may not be true, it sure does show how desperate Jungle Yiffer is for attention.
  • Has changed his username 15 times. This may need to be updated.
  • Tries way too hard to be a noticable user, making herself come off as a little kid who was denied love by his parents.
  • Changed his username so she could create this thread which includes all of her previous usernames. "MUH SELF-DEPRECIATION"
  • Current name lacks proper grammar, as do all of her posts.
  • Spams "I'm gay" all over Riff-Raff and the IRC to show how gay she is.

Links Edit

KYM profile link