Plug.DJ is a website where users share their shitty tastes in music. Divided into rooms, KnowYourMeme has possibly the most cancerous of all, filled with shitty rap, pop, and meme music. If you're ballsy (read: dumb) enough to play anything that isn't rap or pop, (such as metal, rock, or vidya OSTs), it get's meh'd despite the fact that it's equally as shit.

Frequents Edit

Twisty - Plays garbage pop rap that only Colombian retards can find enjoyable.

le_noob_haxor - The unfortunate owner of the Plug DJ. Mostly plays shitty rap.

Spider-Byte - Like the brit he is, he condones any music he doesn't personally enjoy, and will put his music on a pedestal.

Jungle Yiffer - Plays songs by shitty obscure European metal bands. Easily assblasted by mehs, will argue that others dislike his music for any other reason other then it is shit.

Cupur - Posts music from the 70's as he is from le wrong generation. And also does it all alone.

Three Kole Five - Plays repetitive EDM that all sounds entirely the same, which is also hard to find enjoyable in any scenario other then if you're a trashy neon raver.

Minty - Plays Gorillaz mostly.

ICECOLDS - Plays shitty vaporwave and promotes his mixtape.