"Peacock? More like PeeWeeCock!"
―Derpy Vazquez, 2015
Peacock Roy
Roy, seen here contemplating the philosophy of memes
Vital statistics
Position Entry Moderator
Age Unknown
Status Active, hiding from 4chan
Physical attributes
Height Manlet
Weight Overweight

About Edit

Peacock Roy is a proud Redditor, weeaboo, and closet inflation fetishist. After going to 4chan for a few weeks because of the dank meme posts on /r/4chan, he decided that he is now the 4chan meme expert. After angering the entirety of /r9k/ and /s4s/ with his meme faggotry, Roy fled to the relative safety of KYM, where his cancerous "meme" entries were met with overwhelming praise.

Personality Edit

Roy is such a cancerous dumbass, that not even /s4s/ wanted him around. In fact, he needs to use an internet poll to decide what entries to make.

Contributions and Achievements Edit

Beside moderating a meme site, he created over 80 KYM meme entries, showing to the world once and for all, that he has no life. Roy has stolen so many shit from 4chan than the admins decided to give him a "4chanologist" title. This caused a riot on /r9k/ during days, where thousands of Pepe pictures were destroyed.

His best excuse for a "good" achievement i temporarily saving KYM from the Gamergaters by locking the comments and image gallery for a week, but people though local slut Particle Mare was the responsible, showing once again that nobody who isn't a robot cares for Roy.

When he is not making meme entries or causing 4chan butthurt, he makes shit music to attract children to his pedophiliac rape dungeon.


Trivia Edit

  • His name refers to the characters Peacock from the video game Skullgirls, and Precious Roy from Sifl and Olly. However, Sifl and Olly is a children's show, and Peacock is a 12-year old girl, providing more evidence of Roy's pedophilia.
  • Reports say that he wasted over $30000 $100 on Witch Nendodroids, a series of weeb figurines, to make a satanic ritual to find more /r9k/ and [s4s] memes, and annoy the board users.
  • Roy's profile pic is filled with /r9k/ memes to rub it in /r9k/ users.
  • He sees "dumb frogposter" as a compliment
  • His best friends are the Angry Videogame Nerd Kid, who dresses like him and say "ass" after each sentence has no knowledge on classic videogames like "Super Sonic and Dungeons Remixed", Spaghetti Kid, who can shot milk from his nipples, and the Otaku Girl, who has no sense of fashion. Together, they fight against cybercrime for a KnowYourMeme with more waifu pages.
  • He works as a cashier at a convenience store, further proving his failure at life.