―Particle Mare explaining how her day was.
Farticle Mare
MLP yuri
Vital statistics
Position Between three guys
Age Barely Legal In Japan
Status Slut
Physical attributes
Height 1,8 x 109 nm
Weight 459 N


Particle Mare is a brone nerd, numbers fetishist, ex-GamerGater, Nazi-wannabe and Cultural Marxist who frequents the Serious Debate forum on a memesite in order to compensate for her lack of substantial thought elsewhere. She goes around the IRC acting like she is above everyone, a shit-tier user.

Another thing to note about Particle Mare is that she hate's being called a slut, probably as a form of self denial or because it reminds her of being bullied by the math nerds in primary school, and once went so far to have a paragraph removed from her wiki page because it called her a slut. After that was done she went to go suck 50 dicks (an average Tuesday night for her).

Place of residence Edit

Particle resides in Auckland Mordor, which is the shittiest city in the shitty country of New Zealand/Middle Earth, and spends most of her time taking care of retarded sheep having meth orgies with her horses and sheep while having buttsex with the only other KYM brony there: BSoD

Achievements and Contributions Edit

None, she is useless

Recently, KYM forum users created a shipping thread in which they shame others by shipping them with Particle Mare. This caught the eyes of many un-nomies and cordies; sad, autistic creatures who willingly latch on to anything shitty or cancerous.

That being said, Particle became a magnet for these abominations, and now has a small group of worshippers constantly kissing her ass and commenting on her wall. They even go far enough as wanting to cum inside her.

It is rumored that once RandomMan dies of the terminal cancer he has given himself and most of the site, Particle will horrifically take his place.

Due to New Zealand's stupid laws about schools, Particle contracted ammonia poisoning. This amazingly lowered her already abysmal IQ.

IRC saga Edit

On August 13th, 2016, she thought it would be a great idea to ignite an already heated argument on the IRC under the claims of "making an observation". Particle Mare also took an extra step by banning HolyCrapItsBob because he tried to stop her. Because of this, she got banned by Bob. Due to her butthurt, she attempted to evade the ban under the name of "Wave_Stallion" and exploited an IRC loophole to remove the ban from her account.

Update: the mod team decided on a permanent ban for her since she wanted it. The reason why Particle Mare wanted a permanent ban was because she finally acknowledged the fact that she is a shitty moderator and didn't want to show her face in the IRC ever again due to how she became a laughing stock.

Other Names/Nicknames Edit

  • PM
  • ParticleMeme (IRC nick)
  • Partimelon (also IRC nick)
  • MarelynManson (my goodness how many IRC names does she have)
  • The Girl Who Works a Crack Counter at the back of the McDonalds by the Highway
  • Jezebel

Facts Edit

  • Particle Mare is the heir to the dicksucking and ego throne.
  • She reportedly smokes weed erreday and listens to Snoop but she seems so white that it is impossible.
  • Her crush is Marilyn Manson; an emo pedophile on acid and wholesale disappointment to the genre of Rock music. She strives to one day become exactly like him.
  • She has an unhealthy obsession with the genitals of male horses, which comes as a surprise to nobody considering the fandom she is from.
  • If there is one thing Particle loves, it's when people compliment her on being a filthy slut, so much so that the nerds of KYM even made threads about how much of a tart she is.
  • She revealed a while ago that she had an IQ of 150 102 85 20 -47, which came as a surprise to absolutely nobody, because anyone who was paying even a modicum of attention was already fully aware of the fact that she was a complete and utter imbecile.
  • She is also a supporter of the Republican Party, which is no doubt the primary reason for her shitty IQ.
  • She has a fear of tentacles. Bad idea, as she lives next to the sarlacc pit.
  • Wants to be a physicist IRL, but will likely fail
  • Secretly moonlights as an escort
  • Isn't very good at insulting on KYM Wiki articles
  • She managed to get media powers by harassing the ever loving shit out of Don on the IRC by begging him to move various images out of popular galleries.
  • Said that the second half of her name is banned from Riff Raff, which did jack shit to her circlejerk.
  • Got banned from the IRC due to being a shitty moderator.

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