"*The doctor is in!"
Papa Coolface beginning his reign of terror
"NO, U!"
―― Papa Coolface replying to another user calling him out for his anti-Semitic shitpost
Papa Coolface
Vital statistics
Position Shitposter & troll
Age  ???
Status An hero
Physical attributes
Height 3.141592653 feet
Weight 420 lbs

About Edit

Papa Coolface (aka Dr. Coolface) is one of the many hordes of horrible-thread makers that have plagued KYM since the time of LezHuarez. He is also known for having a profile avatar of a trollface, a completely original idea that no-one else on KYM has ever thought of.

A day after he celebrated his 500th shitpost in Serious Debate, the shitty mods striked again and decided our hero. May he rest in peace.

Trivia Edit

  • Ever since Coolface was banned, he tried to troll the moderators by creating an alt after each failed ban evasion (up to a total of 9 alts) and posting in various threads under the not-so-clever name of "Dr. Coolface" as if they wouldn't notice.

Gallery Edit