Vital statistics
Position Stats guy
Age 19
Status Upside Down
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?


NeonWabbit is an Aussie user on Know Your Meme responsible for so much original content for the site, that nobody actually cares anymore. In July of 2014, he was banned from IRC due to posting logs that contained a series of embarrassing events from RandomMan. He currently uses the chat through SkyeKattr0n, a handy bot he created to keep track of stats and of course, to suck his dick. He is also a militant brony, so if you mention any sort of dislike of MLP, he will remove you from stats and logs, spam your email with pony porn and try erase every bit of data about you off the internet because that's the rational and reasonable thing to do, right?


In 2012-2013, Neon pretended that SkyeKattr0n was a female feline tentacle monster cyborg from some secret government organization. Everyone belived this.

He will never finish any KYM related games. Ever.

Despite his love for KYM, he barely contributes to it outside of his failed projects, showing that he is a hypocrite.

Anything he actually delivers is instantly credited to someone else, no exceptions.

He sometimes pretends SkyeKattr0n is a separate entity and flirts with it, showing just how degenerate KYM users are.