Max B
Vital statistics
Position Bitch
Age 38
Status Incarcerated
Physical attributes
Height Several

About Edit

Max (also known as Max_B, MaxBurgIV) is an American rapper, and full time shitposter. After a lengthy, successful underground rap career, including a stint in the popular group, The Diplomats, Max B was incarcerated for drug charges. Because of this, he is forced to sit in his cell, with his only form of entertainment being a Windows 98 computer, which I think explains the reason he is always online.

Much of his time on the site is spent running a completely useless bot in the IRC, which he's constantly bugging people to help him with. He does this since he's SUPAR COOL, and bots are only for people who are cool. Right?

Max tries really hard to become a moderator. He thinks that this will somehow lead him to some popularity, or coolness like all his mod friends, but he is too pants-on-head retarded to realize that he lacks any qualities of a mod, and can't stop talking shit for the best of him.

Whatever happened to the old days?

Quotes Edit

  • "you can't be meaner than me stoffe" -Max, the biggest faggot who ever lived, who no one dares to be mean to to his face because they wouldn't want to be seen as abelists, who so dearly wishes he was born in a less shitty country, or at least not the one with the objectively worst ćevapčići in the world
  • "Chug on five dicks a day kid, arispool is going to make me a mod" -Max, before going full NON
  • "I'm very self aware" - Max not being self aware