Vital statistics
Position Pennsylvania USA
Age 22
Status Being A retard
Physical attributes
Height 1 meter
Weight 30 kilo

About Edit

Mako is a SJW who somehow manages to post on KYM obscure and perverted weeaboo who can commonly be seen roleplaying as a retarded. Like seriously, that's pretty much all she does.

Achievements and Contributions Edit

As mention above, her only accomplishment is being a creep by roleplaying a 4 year old animu girl, most notably on the Forums.

When she isn't doing this, she spams yandere and bondage hentai images on the Forums and the IRC.

Other Names Edit

  • Faggot who is a nobody

Fun Facts Edit

  • She is one of the very, very few "female" user who is a fucking retard. Maybe she is too dumb to think like a normal person.
    • Despite not having stalkers, Epyc Wyn once tried to hit on her in the IRC chat.

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