It was 8:00AM, KYM Headquarters, New York. Don Caldwell had just created a new Advice Animal called “Le Ron Paul Face”, inspired from a half-eaten newspaper he pulled out of a trashcan. He was just beginning to write an entry on it when he heard a loud pounding on the headquarter’s front door. “Who is it?” he called. More pounding followed. Don decided to go investigate. He walked over to the front door and opened it. A man in his underwear stumbled in. He held a beer bottle in one hand and a bag of ecstasy in the other. The man’s face was covered in cocaine. Don, admiring this man’s ability to be both drunk and high at the same time, asked what his name was. The man looked at him blankly for a second, before responding in a strong Canadian accent: “Uh...I am MDFification”. He then collapsed on Don’s floor, too drunk and high to function properly. At that moment, Don knew that he would make a perfect KnowYourMeme moderator.

In short, MDFification thinks he's cool because he smokes the devil's lettuce and drinks alcohol, but actually he is a huge lightweight that even the most sheltered freshman could out-drink and out-smoke.

Fun FactsEdit

  • When he received ecstasy from his friend, his first and foremost decision was to ask the IRC, a chat full of half-retarded 12-year olds how to handle it.
  • He is almost capable of getting higher than Captain Blubber, which is saying something
  • He once turned down an acting request for a porno, for the reason that he would rather spend time online with his meme-buddies.

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