―Lurk's 100% comedy gold comments
His avatar is almost a smug as the cunt himself. Almost.
Vital statistics
Position Media Moderator
Age Probably 11
Status Reactivated and lost his powers thankfully
Physical attributes
Height Manlet sized
Weight Obese

About Edit

Lurk is a weapon fetishist who loves anime and catgirls, but he lies to himself by saying he hates anime and giving himself the title of "Anime Hunter", ripped off from Papu Franku show. He also got media powers after spamming the image report thread, and now he's trying to be the very best by following the advices of his senpais Jacob and Loli, so one day can be as tryhard hardworking as Jacob and as assholey smug... we don't even know how Loli can be a role model...

Place of residenceEdit

Lurk lives on Burgerland, after entering illegally from a third world country named the Philippines.

Contributions and hobbies Edit

He's a media mod, which means he's totally useless, so instead of doing his "job" he wastes his time "lurking" (no pun intended) 8chan's monster grils board and complaining about everything on the IRC. He is also a weapons specialist (according to him and a 40 question text he did on /k/), and its believed he has various raifus (yeah, because having fictional characters as love interest isn't pathetic enough).

List of things that Lurk dislikes Edit

  • Anime
  • Catgirls
  • Foxgirls
  • Manticore girls
  • Monster girls in general
  • White knights
  • Fedorafags
  • Neckbeards (they remind to him)
  • Nice guys
  • Spammers
  • People who complain for image moving
  • People who complain for krama
  • People who downvotes his "ebin" jokes
  • People who doesn't appreciate the artistic value of Pink Guy's rap songs
  • People in general
  • Thirsty users
  • Female users
  • Suspensions
  • You
  • Basically everything
  • This page

Fun factsEdit

  • Lurk is one of the most bitter, sarcastic and just down right depressing lowlifes on KYM, only behind Cale in bitchiness.
  • He's reported to be a hardcore and extremist Christian who often loots fedora shops.
  • Aside from cat-girls and guns, he also vigorously masturbates to various other heretical and disgusting things, such as Eldar, Tau, and monster girls.
  • Currently, there's a bet on the IRC about how many months will pass until he commits a shooting on his church. The winning option is "never", because it's believed he doesn't have the guts to use an actual gun.

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