"Hello lurker, how are you?"
―Lord Cordyceps getting ready to stalk you
Lord Cordyceps
Pathetic and worthless; can't even remove background colors properly
Vital statistics
Position Ponyologist
Age 16
Status Stalking Particle Mare
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Probably overweight

About Edit

Lord Cordyceps is a pathetic brone who uploads humanized ecchi of Twilight Sparkle everyday to fap to them, pretending that they are Particle Mare who he stalks personally. He's so much of a pussy that he can't even bring himself to type something casually and has to pretend that the IRC is full of musclemen who can beat him up IRL in thirty seconds should he insult them.

 Background Edit

When he was a young child, Cordyceps had his lollipop stolen by a black person. This traumatic event went on to haunt him throughout his childhood, facilitating his inevitable spiral into clinical depression and self-loathing.

Instead of putting in the effort to actually improve himself, however, he decided to take the easy way out and become a nihilist. He uses this as an excuse to spam Nazism references and poorly-understood paraphrases of Nietzsche.

Contributions Edit

He literally masturbates to the thought of being useless, so it's almost obligatory to put something here.

Cordyceps is notable for having an image gallery that consists entirely of softcore pony porn. His images tend to get dozens of upvotes from 13-year old boys who touch themselves while browsing a memesite because their mothers blocked all of the actual porn sites from their computers.

In July 2015, after a night of drunken circlejerking, the degenerate perverts on the moderator team decided that porn-spamming should be rewarded. This netted Cordyceps the Ponyologist badge, in lieu of people who had actually contributed positively to the site.

Unfun Facts Edit

  • His obsession with tentacles rivals that of Don's.
  • He has been masturbating to images of dead bodies ever since he got bored of baby rape videos.
  • He competes with Particle Mare for control of the Twilight Sparkle avatar market.