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Aristocatification AKA Lolishiiit (aka Lolishiiit) is one of the disturbingly high amount of weeaboo users on the forums. He has been on the forums for too long and usually doesn't contribute whatsoever. He mostly spends his day on masturbating to young girls. This frequent masturbation cause him to never actually go on the site, which is the reasons he rarely frequents nowadays.

When he first joined he had received many user complaints for:

  • Necro-ing dead projects like the Know Your Meme RPG
  • Weeaboo boner-inducing loli avatar
  • Posting shit in large quantities

But, as the saying goes, "You could have no friends and still make 7 billion enemies".

About Edit

Aristocatification AKA Lolishiiit is a young Nazi who happens to have an obsession for anime, soccer, and drawn child pornography. He is predominantly called 'Fag' for short, though some users refer to him as 'Emo-eater's girlfriend'. It's somewhat notable that he is one of KYM's husbandos (???), his dream date being with Konata Izumi, a fictional 8 year old from the anime Lucky Star. He, like some other husbandos (Seriously what) on KYM, uses his waifu as his avatar – usually shown with her little girl tits showing. Aristo is still an underageb&, and is remarkably good at Moonspeak.

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