"Bitches about anything that doesn't agree with his self-centric views, and has a small group of brainwashed cultists to stroke his ego at any time."
―MiloticExalted in reference to Loli
Loli Loki
Vital statistics
Position Sr. Forum Mod
Age 8 OTI, 42 IRL
Status Seducing Children
Physical attributes
Height 4'2"
Weight 463 lbs


Loli (or NotLoli on IRC) was a forum moderator for KYM and the site's most well-known pedophile. He's also known for being the most hated mod on the site due being a smug edgy faggot towards everyone his natural sympathy, just after Holy Moly It's Robert and RandomMan.


A manuscript was written by his moonspeak-speaking father whom abandoned him at a young age. It reads:


Roughly, the text translates to [a] fucking bassoon of the MOD that suck the daily Dick. Lori, anyone can go to the IRC is, we talk about who the shit about every day. Lori is meant media moderator that he is not actually a shit of Jack. He is probably delete a spam image during his entire term of office as MOD.


  • "Me >>> You" ―Loli stating the facts

Fun Facts Edit

  • His name used to be Loliamnyancat. He later realized how much of a otherkin faggot that made him sound like, so he shortened it to Loli and became the pedo we all know and love.
  • It is literally in the KYM Guidelines that if you are outside of the IRC circlejerk, you will hate him for following the rules.
  • Left the site due to the fact that he was outmatched by Arcanine's swagger..

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