"Graduation is probably my favorite Kanye album"
―Lil B
Lil B
Thank You Based God
Vital statistics
Position Failed rap artist
Age Purportedly 16
Status Listening to The Heist
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Lil B (A.K.A le_noob_haxor, Le Ruse Master, and DankMemes) is a user on KnowYourMeme and quite possibly the biggest /mu/tant faggot on the site.

Lil B can be found on the shitposting board "Riff-Raff", usually making shitty threads about serious matters like the 12-year old he is. He also spends time on the IRC having gay sex with Muffinlicious and Captain Blubber (fellow shitposter) or enforcing his "patrician" taste on everyone.

He listens to Death Grips, some shitty dubstep/screamo/nu metal band, but he likes to pretend they are experimental.


Lil B constantly spends his time on shitty 4chan boards (specifically /s4s/ and /mu/), and as a result his personality consists of a thick layer of ironic maymay shoutings as a way to sound cool with his peers (who think of him as yet another cancer that is killing KYM) and shitty hipster music he claims is patrician (yet another of his tactics to try and be superior) while he hides under the claims that he listens to bad music ironically (which is the same as listening to it unironically) cause in reality he is as interesting as shit on a toilet.