His profile picture. Note he is presumed far uglier and unfit IRL.
Vital statistics
Position Ultimate Edge-Lord
Age Either less than 14 or greater than 70
Status Actively hunting down subhumans on the internet
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Overweight

About Edit

Laika is KYMs resident Nazi. Laika, like many other serious users is a total dick to everyone and has a narcissistic attitude. He believes his race to be superior to all others. He is a avid supporter of UKIP, a political party for racist old people. He works as a carpenter but he acts as if he has a doctorate.

He believes those that do not contribute to the betterment of humanity or work are sub-human, ironically putting himself into the category. It is unlikely he will ever or has ever contributed anything to society other than pseudo-science and his essays on the inferiority of African-Americans.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Laika is angry at the world because his father was black and he realizes he will never be pure of blood.
  • Enjoys asphyxiating himself when he jerks off to pictures of his glorious leader, Mitt Romney.
  • Supporter of the Nazi party and their spiritual successor party, UKIP.

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