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Age 15
Status Dead again?
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Rose or l4tul4, also most commonly known as "The Living Pinnacle Of Neckbeards", is a 14 year-old white "female" user on KnowYourMeme, obssesed with pumpkin-spice lattes and tumblr.

She can be found on the IRC non-stop referencing and talking (through horrible typing quirks and obscure words) about some horrible webcomic called homosuck with her fellow neckbeards, indulging in a horrible orgy of loneliness and doritos only the kind of people like her fall into. She also claims to live in California and she constantly complains about how shitty it supposedly is there

Place of Residence Edit

According to her, she resides in the 'murican state of California. She constantly complains about how shitty it supposedly is there.

Other Names/Nicknames Edit

  • Rose
  • Risette
  • Yosuke

Fun Facts Edit

  • Resulting from her bad interests in anime and homosexual webcomics, she is constantly omitting a strong weeaboo aura of such power that simply being in her presence will increase your virginity by a substantial amount.
  • She has also claimed to be asexual, although many users suspect this is because she is 14 and hasn't even went through puberty and has as much development in her body as a toddler.
  • She also consistently has hard buttsex with fellow neckbeard Cale.
  • Rose also constantly insults other users on the IRC (usually Muffinlicious); calling them many names such as "Basic Bitch", "Bran Fucker", "Fucking Nerds/Plebs" and "Fucking Tsundere". She probably believes that this makes her sassy or something.
  • She listens to shitty pop music (read: Iggy Azalea) for no reason, and constantly is talking about her tumblr, which autoplays said shity pop music at a volume that causes your ears to literally contract the AIDS virus and you to bleed from every orifice.

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