A guide for memers who want to join the IRC.

Part 1: Basics Edit

1. Click the “Chat” button in the top right, left to the search bar. (Duh)

2. After reading the rules (which no one does, unfortunately), click the big red “Join the IRC” button

3. Pick a name (referred to as “nicks”).

4. Fill in the captcha. Too bad if you're a Spambot.

5. Click “Connect”

6. Proceed to gaze at the depths of hell in chat form.

Optional Step – Register your nick

(Note: You can use other IRC clients, just make sure to join #Knowyourmeme)

Part 2: Strategies for "fitting in" Edit

You know how all those "guides" for "fitting in" with new friends? You know how they tell you shit like "be urself and you should be fine!!!!!"? Fuck that shit. This is the internet, everyone wants attention. And fast. Being yourself doesn't really help.

  • Spam in jokes and “ironically” shitpost by saying stuff like “nice meme XD” and vertical post
  • Talk about music. All music is welcome! (Disclaimer: Any music that isn’t Radiohead, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Death Grips, and generally anything rap with insult the “patrish” taste of most of the IRC and you will be shunned and called a “pleb”)
  • Talk about animu and manga with the IRC’s resident weebs. Seriously, you'll find a lot of them there
  • Just talk with others. Circlejerking and gossiping, especially about Gamergate, are welcomed.
    • Discuss with others about how bad and gross furries are.
    • Debate about Internet-Related things, like whether Monstergirls are furry or not or if Gamergate is stupid. Expect most “debates” to be more like a circlejerk.

Part 3: Miscellaneous Edit

  • Type in "!help" for a list of commands for SkyeKattr0n.
  • You are guarenteed to be kicked out by Captain Blubber or TripleZ at one point, so don't feel too bad or offended if you are kicked