Know Your Meme Wiki 2.0
KnowYourMeme corporate faggots
The first KYM team.
Vital statistics
Position Chaotic Evil
Age 2
Status Cataloguing passive-aggressive articles
Physical attributes
Height 1401px
Weight Carries none

Welcome to the KYMT Wiki

This is the ULTRA-CLEAN, 100% TRUE KYM wiki. Start editing today!

Don't publish a page or edit a page about yourself. It won't be as funny as you think. The page/edit will be deleted and you will be banned.

About this site

The old wiki was established to document any notable activity within KYM. Soon after its creation, users began adding pages about themselves, making the site into a giant circlejerk alike to KYM itself. Shortly thereafter, vandalism followed, and the idea was dropped, for good reason. The edits were left because they were amusing enough to be kept, and to embarrass those who thought they were notable in an irrelevant online community.

Due to complaints of harassment by Shadow-something, it was deleted forever.

This new one was created in the old one's place to catalogue users and events in KYM's history and the now using more honesty and less circle-jerking.

Unfortunately, the line between them is crossed every day.

Various Links


This wiki is for fun and is merely teasing. Try not to get too upset.

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