"Today we will talk about memes!!1"
Vital statistics
Position Unoffical KYM Podcast
Age Too old
Status Who cares?
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


KYMCast is a podcast created by the shittiest forum users of KYM. They discuss things that matter such as epic memes, dick sizes, why Gaben sucks, who is the best waifu and who has the most autism. Predictably, the podcast is run by the two most autistic users on the site, No Original Names The Salty Bitch, and Peacock "/r9k/ hates me" Roy. Other then Roy and NON, the site features a varied number of other losers who having nothing better to do on a Saturday night. They think of themselves quite highly, even to the point of mx_13 (the podcast's token asian), believing in the idea that they have enough viewers to monotize the 5 cents in views they get.

The Cast Edit

  • No Original Names
  • Pea-sized cock Peacock Roy
  • mx_13
  • Dragonlord (though its obvious no one wants him there)
  • That Goat Creep
  • Waifu-Weirdo
  • Calkarot
  • ArchaicEX
  • Twisty
  • 3kole5

Special Guests Edit

In an attempt to balance the crappy discussions about memes, the podcast team started asking other users to come and explain their lifes. Although most of them (up to 90%) have rejected the offer, some of them accepted the offer. What a bunch of brave, brave beings:

  • Meme Don
  • Amanda (though the recording of this one was lost, so she's safe from the humiliation)
  • RamadamMan (He initially accepted, but he chickened out. Smart guy)

Fun FactsEdit

  • None, the podcast is boring as fuck