Vital statistics
Position Sr. Entry Moderator
Age The same age as all Amish Men -- 48
Status Rekying Scrapbookers
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???


Jacob is an Amish moderator on KYM.

As a Sr. Entry Moderator (media mod and entry mod combined), he has exception dedication to removing scandalous and shocking images of women on KnowYourMeme. Rumors has it that his parents are severely disappointed in his "job" with no pay.

The daily life of an Amish Moderator Edit

Miller Family revised

Rumored to be a picture of Jacob's family.

Jacob considers himself to be one of the "nice guys" in his small Amish community, and enjoys sends young Amish women poetic love letters and self-embroidered straw hats via the postal service.

Every day, after milking the cows and churning the butter, Jacob secretly retires to his families' barn and gets out his 1975 Windows computer so he can visit his favorite site:

Also, Jacob masturbates to pictures of personified battleships (ironically) and leaving no mercy as he goes on his nightly spree of suspending users and deleting NSFW pictures.

If you manage to catch a glimpse of him during this time, he can also be seen periodically grabbing his hand in restraint to lock all NSFW-related gallery, for fear of a large-scale shitstorm.

Other Names Edit

  • KYM_Jacob (IRC name)

Fun facts! Edit

  • Jacob is a die-hard of bonkles, LEGOs and the animu Kancolle, much to the dismay of his parents.
  • Unlike most mods, Jacob is known to reflect the hard working and honest attribute of the rest of his family into his mod work. While this contributes to the site, it just shows how unhealthily far a moderator would go to "work" on KYM.
  • Some of his pastimes include embroidery, card games, giving his prayers to the Lord, and completely annihilating any user who dare upload NSFW images.