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Just another 9 year old with an internet connection, Luis is known for his stalker-like tendancies. With a voice so shrill it makes the deaf start crying, he silently sits under his father's bed and makes sloppy paint pictures of Amanda B. while whispering demonic chants to his miniscule siamese twin David. Constantly doing let's plays of Pokemon games which to be honest, no one watches for anything but the novelty of how creepy his voice is, he really never contributes anything worthwhile to society.

Yep, that is pretty much it.

ItizPWNED facts:Edit

  • ItizPWNED is often refered to as shit-stain by his peers.
  • There is an active restraining order against him filed by Amanda B. he is to be anally shocked and knocked out if he gets within the same country as her.