Vital statistics
Position Conversationalist
Age  ???
Status Burning his dick and calling it "sex"
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???

About Edit

Inferno is KYM's (thankfully only) flaming firefucker and weeaboo who humps one too many Pyrrha pillows. He has an unwavering love for having his dick roasted and tends to enjoy getting in the middle of flame wars to feign brilliance.

Place of Residence Edit

Like many weebs on the IRC, he is an American pleb who enjoys hamburgers and hotdogs. However, like other plebian Americans, he tends to focus too much on music to truly get the fuck outside.

Contributions Edit

On the IRC, Inferno enjoys ironic shitposting for no damn reason. He also enjoys getting into arguments with other plebs to flood the IRC and make things slower and harder to read for the other plebs there. He also posts Pyrrha constantly in futile hopes of getting himself some cartoon tiddies, especially when he's arguing with the other weebs. He also loves roleplaying with Warhammer 40k, although he acts as though he vehemently loathes such acts despite shitposting with it as much as possible.

When he isn't on the IRC, you can find him roleplaying as a sentient camp fire in Riff-Raff.

Trivia Edit

  • He usually gets kicked by Sir-Soundwave for arguing between which shit waifu is better; Penny or Pyrrha.
  • If he isn't busy talking on the IRC, he's busy sitting there looking like a creeper without saying anything.
  • On Plug.DJ, he more or less does the same thing as Whit3, spam metal music.