―ImmaHeMan touching himself while thinking about The Goat
ey bb wan sum fuk
Vital statistics
Position Goat Worshipper
Age 14
Status Reading Naruto and Bleach
Physical attributes
Height 6'4"
Weight 275 pounds (around 400 pounds in battle armor)

About Edit

ImmaHeMan is a zoophilic bara lover who praises an unfunny joke from 3 years ago. He is constantly spamming KYM with his shitty furfag taste and entries with what little dignity he has left.

History Edit

ImmaHeMan, along with Deltamelon, was one of the Goat-Tan "heralds" (a title synonymous with people who force the same joke literally everywhere). While appearing to harbor deep regrets for taking part in such an act, he appears to have no shame in spamming his jokes in the IRC and Riff-Raff.

Achievements and Contributions Edit

When he isn't thinking of a way to force Goat-tan into every single forum thread, Synge can be seen constantly asking for favors to non-existent Goat-tan.

Other Nicknames Edit

  • He-Man
  • Synge
  • Failed-Toxic
  • ImmaSynge
  • Dead Horse Beater

Fun facts Edit

  • Synge gets off impersonating GamerGators, especially the user "Ultimate Fan Boy"
  • One of things he loves is He-Man's muscular, sweaty and meaty body and he wishes to grab the his golden blond hair and big ass in a totally non-homo way