―Bob's famous catchphrase
I'm sure this is an accurate portrayal in some alternate universe
Vital statistics
Position Forum Mod
Age 14
Status Debating over some retarded shit
Physical attributes
Height Manlet Mexican
Weight Really Fat Mexican


HolyCrapItsBob is a forum moderator on KYM. His defining characteristics are perpetually having the wrong opinion. Whether this is a complex or not, we don't think he'll ever admit it anyway.

Personality Edit

Bob enjoys getting into arguments with the tiniest comment that he disagrees with. He will constantly insult and show no respect for another user (due to his ego) and will drag on a argument for as long as possible until his victim gives up. It is best to ignore him if you are ever confronted. He will spend the majority of the conversation laughing at his own jokes and looking down on you.

If anyone is trying to do anything funny or interesting, Bob will do his best to ruin it, cementing his title of "Fun Police/Ruiner" and/or "Meanest Mod"

His catchphrase is saying "Hahaha" after whatever stupid shit he just said. When prompt on why he does that, he simply responds with "get used to it"


Promoting white genocide.

Achievements and Contributions Edit

Whether his real name is Bob or not is unknown, if anyone cares. He spends most of his time doing whatever other mods say at any given moment and trying to remove all fun from KYM.

Shit Mod

HolyCrapItsBob is a prime example on how to be a KYM moderator.

Deactivation Edit

On December 16th, 2016, after losing an argument about a Gamergate thread to a fat troll and a gay European (also note that this is two years after Gamergate died out), HolyCrapItsBob realized that he was wasting his time arguing with teenagers and ragequit the site. This was not before warning every user in the thread and breaking the "Be Nice" rule multiple times.

Trivia Edit

  • Not even the mod team from the "Mod Mail" gold era knows his real name

Quotes Edit

"How to defeat me in an argument: Step 1. I am never wrong. Step 2. If I'm every wrong, check step 1."
―Like arguing with a brick wall

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