Last know sighting of Heath. The man who took this was eaten alive.

Heath Ledesma is the Darth Vader to Adam Deland's Anakin Skywalker. He describes himself as having emo hair and sunglasses. He claims he has an awesome personality because he calls people ‘pal’ and carries a Snivy on his shoulder. Before he strikes, he says “Goodnight sweet prince”. Adam DeLand has been quoted referring to Ledesma as "a hitman that make clean getaways and has high HP." It is believed that "HP" is his way of abbreviating 'horse power'. 

In reality, Ledesma is DeLand's "dark mysterious bad-ass" persona is taken when he puts on his sunglasses. It is worth noting that such a dark side is a known staple of autists. Despite this persona being too cool for school he is scared of internet trolls and 4chan.