"Oh he has spoken.How should i respect a guy who is an asshole to many people and trys to be superior.You have to earn respect from me and for your information i’m 19,Black,play several sports,have a girlfriend while you are debating and obsessing over 14 year old Anime characters.Also giving me a Warning that i critizize you is tge most laughable thing ever(i’m considering insults too)You are an Asshole and like i said many people hate you.You feed these people with more Anger towards you,but you think you are special enough to get away with it.Rosalina Artworks belong in the Smash gallery no matter what you say if you are an Admin,Moderator,Gold Member etc. People complain if it is in the wrong gallery,but did they complain in my Rosalina pic?No!Only you are trying to take the upper hand and don’t let the people decide if it belongs in there.Also you commenting on that pic and getting positive answers are just your blinded fans who agree everything you say them."
Ralts fighting against the anarchist mods
German Ralts
"People like these artworks meaning Democracy,but because just you don’t want it to be in the gallery that makes you an Anarchist."
Vital statistics
Position Black
Age 19
Status Practising sports with his girlfriend
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


German Ralts is the democratic hero we need, but don't deserve. As a German 19 year old black with a girlfriend who practises different sports, you should respect him over guys obsessed with 14 year old anime characters. His main objective is having a KYM where you can upload Rosalina pictures to the Smash gallery with no naughty mods moving them into more obscure galleries.

After getting bullied by Riff Raff and the KYM IRC, Ralts-kun reincarnated himself into a gay vampire called Soma Cruz (From castlevania) who roleplays on profile walls.

Quotes Edit

  • "I know exactly what Loli is doing and he obviously doesn’t give a single shit.My point was that Rosalina IS related to the Smash Gallery and in the Mario gallery(which is already dead) noone gives a shit.Tupolev i know what you’r trying to say,but i don’t support what Loli is doing neither in the Past,Future or Present."
  • "If you still can’t accept the fact that Rosalina Artworks etc. should not exclusively be in the Mario gallery,then you’re not a very good Moderator.Sure it is your Job,but you are a Human like me and you are in no way superior or less superior than me.I expect another reply with some stupid reason why Rosalina Artworks should be exclusive to the Mario gallery. Anyway i don’t want to hear more stupid shit from your mouth and i know people hate you for a reason.Disagree with me?Fine!We have still your pals that are even lazier than you,who ignore some of these Artworks.Let’s be honest you just want me to accept the fact that you are doing your “Job” which isn’t technically a real “Job”."
  • "People like these artworks meaning Democracy,but because just you don’t want it to be in the gallery that makes you an Anarchist.Which side sounds better the side where everyone agrees it should stay there or your side where only you have the right to do so.Also saying “It is my Job” is painfully retarded.Do you think just because a Rosalina Artwork is in the Smash gallery,Don will execute you?"
  • "How is negativity good?You say that you don’t care if people hate you.Your adittude is just terrible!So what Democracy always wins over Anarchy and your Pride can’t help anyone.What are you?A guy defending being an Anarchist and “following” Rules.Like i said 100 times before Rosalina IS related to Smash,Artwork or Alone.I knew it you are predictable and just like dozens of guys i fought.And if you think that your Lazy ass made a good job moving 1 picture to another gallery and telling you friends about it just shows how much of an idiot and retard you are.You are not a good Moderator and Lazy because i saw tons of Stand alone Artworks for Rosalina and Lucina etc. in the Smash gallery and your excuse “I don’t sit 24/7 on my PC”Is a bad excuse because you just said it is your “Job”."