"Are you autistic? Is that why you’re obsessed with me, even in your introduction? You still got your warning. Don’t even continue. Now away from my room until you have a change of heart and a lot to apologize for. "
Gaben The Troll, to his mother.
"I tagged this NSFW because of the huge amount of ass here."
Peacock Roy's brother after getting yelled at by Gaben
Gaben the Troll
The faggot in all his glory.
Vital statistics
Position "Protip Advisor"
Age 13
Status Spamming guidelines on walls
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight More than 200 pounds


Gaben The Troll is the godsend to Know Your Meme. Being only 12 years old when he first discovered the site, Gaben immediately proved his worth by adding to the already extensive My Little Pony softcore porn galleries. Gaben the Troll hopes to one day be like his hero Gabe Newell, a morbidly obese and smelly man who can't count past two, in other words: who he currently is, only richer.

While he hopes to one day be like Gaben, he does not want to impersonate him, and so he gives a clear warning that he is NOT the real Gabe Newell, but instead "Just a random user displaying his trollface with different editing as seen on my avatar." just in case Gabe Logan Newell, a man who owns one of the most popular video game companies in the world, millions of dollars, and a life, decided to create an account on a site about memes.

Recently, he has vowed revenge on No Original Names for calling him out on the KYM podcast. It is believed that Gaben is currently in talks with several hit-men to carry out the assassination at some point in the near future.


Due to his raging autism, Gaben believes that it is his divine duty to slay all that do wrong on KYM, no matter what the offense. He does it in the most heroic way possible: By tattling to mods like any responsible child. His most important victory thus far was his slaying of Biotic Zombie for spitting fiery words of ill truth at him. With his trusty keyboard at his greasy hands, he swiftly private messaged every mod he could bringing quick action from certain mods who punished Biotic Zombie by grounding him and forcing him to stand in a corner.



The "Protip Advisor" badge. (Seriously what is the point of it?

Gaben the Troll's greatest achievement is in his receiving of the "Protip Advisor" badge, also known as the "I sucked a copious amount of moderator chode and always swallowed" badge. He was given it for devoting his entire existence to the site. Although the badge holds no purpose whatsoever and is even less useful than a bucket of quadriplegic rats, Gaben believes that it is the greatest title anyone could ever hold. He even believes that it is the source of his strangely high amount of followers, though recent studies have proven that these followers are actually attempting to gain easy access to a quick fap from of his gallery of NSFW anthropomorphized My Little Pony images.

Links Edit

KYM Profile Page


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