About Edit

The forums are the place where elitist assholes gather and circlejerk. The forums are near the top of the KYM social and elitist pyramid, just below the IRC (at least from a Forum and IRC standpoint).

Boards Edit

There are currently five boards: General, Media, Fun!, Maintenance, and a sooper seecret mod board called The Council. Excluding the moderator board, each board is further divided into subboards.


General Edit

Along with the Media Board and the forum games in the Fun! Board, this is pretty much the only area where normal users from the comments actually come and spend time in the forums. Here users talk about extremely basic shit, further adding evidence of 12-year-old users on KYM.

Sub Boards: Edit

General - Here users do most of what is described above

Serious Debate - This is the board for people to discuss about serious stuff, despite the seriousness undermined by animes and pony avatars.

Meme Research - The place to ask if this meme needs an entry or not. Rarely visited because everyone doesn't want to contribute. Most of the memes asked here are left in the dust, never to be seen again.

Q & A - Have a retarded question? Go ask here.


Media Edit

The second largest board, users here talk about nearly anything that nerds talk about like books and comics, television and film, music, websites, and video games. Mostly video games though.

Sub Boards: Edit

Video games - Self Explanatory

Moving Images - The place for both Weeaboos and Not-Weeaboos to discuss Cartoons and Anime. Seriously, that's all they discuss.

Music - The community here is made of up of a small group of users who circlejerk about the same artist

Books and Comics - A barely used board considering how very few KYM users would rather read books like a normie then to shitpost on the internet (key word: few KYM users).

Websites - Another dusty and dead board.

Fun! Edit

The most popular board, this is the board where most of the circlejerking and cancer of KYM originates. With a strangely high amounts of elitism, its a good idea to stay away from here

Sub Boards: Edit

Creative - Where users like NeonWabbit, Filler T. Freak, and Samekichi advertise and shove their projects and drawthreads. All projects made here are always forgotten.

Forum Games - AKA "User above you general", users here post unoriginal forum "games". Also roleplaying threads are permitted here, which again are usually forgotten after about month.

Just For Fun - Only oldfags will remember this. Basically Riff-Raff: Lite . One of the original 5 boards, it was removed during the Forum update, but readded do to the high amount of users who couldn't handle shitposting.

Riff-Raff - Feel free to call this board the "wannabe /s4s/" or "IRC: Forum edition". The "shitposting" board of KYM, it has high amounts of cancer and faggotry, rivaling that of the IRC.

Memeory Lane - The source of some of the cancer of Riff-Raff. Legendary threads are archived here, allowing people to gaze upon the glorious shitposts of some while cringe at the worst attempts of others. Shit-shitposters of Riff-Raff are constantly striving to get their poor excuses for funposting into this board

Maintenance Edit

Sub Boards: Edit

Announcements - The place where new mods and (extremely) rare updates are announced.

Report Problems - Here you can report the frequent problems of KYM. Possibly the most interesting board, with the occasional user drama/complaint thread being made.

Suggest Ideas - AKA "Beg for Upvote/Downvote Changes: The Sub Forum"

ONLY OLDFAGS WILL REMEMBER THIS!!! (Lik dis if u agree) Edit

Before all the fancy and diverse list of boards and sub boards listed above, there was still the same amount of boards but without the sub boards. Those original boards were: General, Meme Research, Just for Fun (ableit shitposting here was allowed), and Site Related (Basically the Maintenance board)