"What I am getting from this is if a mod say, wanted to suspend an account for fun when a user posted something the mod disagreed with, what message does that send to the user? That the user shouldn’t voice their opinions?"
― Epyc Wyn on Mod Abuse
"ATTENTION EVERYONE: I do not give a damn if every single person on KYM likes this thread and upvotes the living shit out of it. Under no circumstances, is it ever, okay to make this. I don’t know why the community is thinking ‘well someone made this post, let’s make a whole thread talking about that person’s post’ it is a form of harassment and should not be allowed. Under no circumstances should a thread ever center around a circlejerk against a single user regardless of reasons. This should not exist and I am appalled the KYM community would stoop to this level. Anyone with the power to do so should remove this thread immediately it is not okay. This thread has posted sexualized content of the user it is targeting, and has photoshopped her in a mocking way. And these mocking posts are gaining in the 20s of upvotes. You should all be absolutely ashamed of yourselves for this behaviour I do not care what your opinions of the user are."
―Epyc Wyn trying to get laid with Lissie
"Epyc Wyn, more like Epyc Whine, amirite?"
―What I assume Lurk would say about Epyc Wyn
"I could actually enjoy people that are decently cultured in memes."
―Epyc taking meme elitism to the next level
Epyc Wyn
"the trends justify the memes"
Vital statistics
Position The hero that KYM needs right now/Local Autist
Age Less than 12
Status In Meme Purgatory / Banned
Physical attributes
Height Manlet
Weight 0 grams

About Edit

Epyc Wyn is, without question, the worst user on KYM.

Epyc Wyn is such an autistic, pathetic manchild that he rivals the likes of Captain Blubber.

He was suspended after trying to protect our dearest armchair warlord Lisa Lombardo from the disgusting Riff Raff bullies/abusers/children fuckers.

He also claims that the mod team are a bunch of "wamprats" and that their power should be regulated, as they suffer from a disease called "mod butthurt" (also known as "MOD ABUSE").

Epyc believes that going to the IRC can make a difference on the site and calls opposing arguments and justified insults "agression".

His jokes and threads are so dated and forced that they literally make you sick to your stomach.

He caused such a shitstorm that Alex Mercer temporarily deactivated, although nobody cared about that considering that Mercer was a retard.

Riff Raff / IRC saga Edit

After the IRC made a thread about him and his autism, Epyc began to extend his influence across the entirety of the forums. He created various Serious Debate threads (most of which really made no sense or were incredibly inflammatory) in order to project his own beliefs across the site. Many, if not all, of these threads were locked by mods due to their stupidity.

In addition to these threads, Epyc would also regularly come to the IRC where he would continuously post " :3 " and " :y " faces as well as annoy pretty much everyone there. Eventually, his antics began to border on the fringes of severe mental disorder. On July 28th, 2015, after a particularly severe bout of rabid paranoia where he claimed that the "hive mind" of IRC users were out to get him, based mod Twilitlord permanently banned Epyc from the IRC, in order to preserve the sanity of other users. He was later unbanned, because fuck our sanity.

However, the following November, he was banned and verbally shit on yet again for being a raging vase of dicks and insulting a person's dead father "fer teh loolz xd". However, working in mysterious ways, our merciful lord and savior Don chose to unban Epyc, once again unleashing the ten plagues of Epyc upon the IRC to atone for its many sins.

Even when he was banned, Epyc, being the 1337 pr0 hax0r he is, used proxies (even though he's been banned multiple times, and that using a proxy is against IRC rules) to help continue his "epic" quest to annoy the fuck out of the other shit users on the IRC, and to somehow make the IRC a worse shithole than Riff-Raff. Currently, Epyc spends his time having secret sexual fantasies about Donald Trump, and stealing a joke from a Game Grumps video and forcing the hell out of it using his shitty OC.

On April 26th of 2016, Epyc_Wyn's shittyness on the forums had escaltated to the point where the admins had to create a specific ban for him, which was banning him from the forums. This apparently made many moderators upset and caused RandomMan to deactivate his account for a few hours.

Even Encyclopedia Dramatica isn't safe Edit

On May 22nd, Epyc_Wyn decided to bring his Bernie Sanders obsession over to the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums and created a thread on how he is "a high-ranked editor on KnowYourMeme" in the Noob Introduction Forum. Not being aware of his fuck up, the triggered faggots of ED decided to dox Epyc a few pages later. After that, a few other autists from KYM joined in on the faggotry thus adding a lethal dose of faggotyness to the thread.

Contributions Edit

While Epyc has done literally nothing for the site, he has made several outstanding breakthroughs in the fields of autistic threadmaking and forced injokes. Epyc's latest venture was "Egocraptor", a fictional character based off of this Game Grumps video that was only funny when they did it, and, according to Epyc's Deviantart-tier drawing of it, looks like the mongoloid lovechild of Yoshikage Kira and a Twilight vampire. He also caused the admins to create site-section bans so autistic people can have multiple chances at being a shitty troll on KnowYourMeme.


After many months of drama involving Epyc Wyn, he finally got banned on October 25th, 2016 at 6:44 PM EST by RandomMan. As always, a thread was made about the best day to ever happened in KYM history.

Even after being banned it took just under a month to come back under the username "god emperor trump" where he would spam the same exact kind of pro bernie comments, forum posts except now with trump. Which proves that he is probably too autistic to form any real political convictions and was instead attention whoring, shocking right?

Naturally it didnt take long for the mods to ban him again, which lead to him again creating sockpuppets probably as a way to fight a war against the site itself.

Facts about Epyc Wyn Edit

  • He likes hamsteak.
  • He is the devil and he must be stopped.
  • His original username was in Zalgo text, which cemented his position as a cancerous user.
  • He definitely had autism.
  • He (still) owes the whole site an apology. (though he has no way of doing it now lol)
  • Finally got banned when he went the route of Emperor Palpitoad by posting dumb shit. Unfortunately, this tarnished Palpitoad's name and the newfags will never know who Epyc Wyn was thanks to his impersonation of another user.
  • May complain about how he is no longer THE high-ranked editor on KnowYourMeme.

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