"I don't get it"

Emperor Palpitoad
Vital statistics
Position Retard
Age Level 25
Status Banned
Physical attributes
Height 2' 07"
Weight 37.5 lbs

-Emperor Palpitoad, everything ever

About Edit

Emperor Palpitoad is the biggest retard on the internet.

He molests children by saying serena from Not pokemon is a canon shipping. he snots crack all day and makes goanimate videos his gay transgentard partner in crime

☀MisterZygarde64 have gay buttsecks alll day.

Fun Facts Edit

I dont get it00:09

I dont get it

  • He killed six million babies
  • he was assisted 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing.
  • He is the mastermind behind the columbine Shooting
  • He has All STDS known to man and aliens
  • HE ALSO rigged Donald Trump to win
  • He is also a beliber
  • Didn't get it

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